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The Engrena ITA

Engrena ITA is an Alliance of Organizations with the objective of enhancing research prospection and knowledge dissemination on gears and power transmission systems.




Integrating Role

  • Integrating role of the Open Innovation concept
  • Industry-Academy Integration for circulation of new ideas
  • Identification of foment models for disruptive projects
  • Converting ideas into real innovation!



Modus Operandi

Semesterly held at ITA, the “Work Meetings (RT)” are structured with environments and ideation mechanisms to promote the sharing of technical challenges and the constructive critical debate. RT’s provide members with the most compelling benefits of the initiative: the ability to set research guidelines for the ITA’s dedicated gear body.


All the challenges and approaches discussed are grouped into themes. With each member having the basic and equal right to vote, the topics are put to a vote, generating a prospecting priority list for Engrena ITA.


The most voted theme still needs to become a project scope , considering the different expectations of each member. Having identified the partners and the development model, the ITA research team conducts the structuring of the project proposal and its submission.




  • Right to vote on Alliance decisions and guidelines
  • Networking opportunity: direct connection with other members
  • Access to state-of-the-art and technical discussions free of bureaucracy
  • Feasibility studies: Simplified analyses/testing in pre-competitive researches
  • Special rates for The Brazilian Gear Conference ITA-WZL
  • Technological Update Workshops: theoretical and practical approach, equipment and software demonstration and brainstorming sessions



  • Participation in semiannual Work Meetings (RT)
  • Authorization to share contacts between members
  • Participation in opinion polls
  • Annual financial contribution



Acumulated results (Sep. 30th 2017 – Sep. 30th 2022):

  • Current Members: 25
  • Prospected projects: 52
  • Prospected value: approx. R$ 51.7 mi