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Gear Innovation Group (GIE)

As an integral part of CCM-ITA, the Gear Innovation Group (GIE) was created in 2011, motivated by the Brazilian industry’s desire to evolve technologically and stand out globally. It consists of a group dedicated to research into gear technologies and power transmission systems and, by design, is unique in South America.



GIE’s main lines of research focus on the interfaces between concepts of manufacturing, design, and the dynamic behavior of gears and transmission components. Among the topics already explored by the group are investigations into assessing surface integrity, predicting the state of residual stresses, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, new transmission architectures for wind turbines, contact fatigue, and new steels for gears.


Our structure


  • Power recirculation test center, capable of testing durability, torque efficiency, thermo-fluidic behavior, and noise and vibration (NHV) of gears
  • Ball-rod contact fatigue test bench
  • Shaft bending and torsion fatigue test benches
  • Dedicated software for the design and manufacture of gears and transmission systems
  • Equipment for surface integrity investigations
  • Executive team made up of postgraduate and undergraduate students



Our team

Ronnie Rego, Prof. Dr.

Carla Cunha, M.Sc.

Bruno Cardozo, Eng.

Angelo Carvalho, M.Sc.

Alcides Vilar.

Alessandro de Lima

Bruno Oliveira, M. Sc.

Caio Gomes, Eng.

Carlos Bernardes

Daniel Xavier

Eduardo Muñoz, M.Sc.

Eduardo Queiroz

Felipe de Sá, Eng.

Gilberto Martins, Eng.

Giovanni Franco

Guilherme Guimarães, M.Sc.

Eduardo Queiroz

Felipe de Sá, Eng.

Gilberto Martins, Eng.

Guilherme Guimarães, M.Sc.

Izabel Criscuolo, Eng.

João Pedro

Lucas Machado

Marco Redi

Matheus Fernandes, Eng.

Matheus Monteiro

Matheus Rubik, Eng.

Naiane de Sousa.

Rafael Haueisen

Rodrigo Metzger, M.Sc.

Ryan Aquiles.

Tiago Colombo, Dr.